• According to Chinese medicine, external beauty is an internal reflection

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Fohow Yang Sheng is divided into three main series

Regulation, cleaning, recovery. In other words, first we regulate, then we clear, then we make up.

Health is the basis of beauty, beauty is a manifestation of health. If you imagine Yang-Sheng in the form of a tree, then its trunk will symbolize health, and flowers and fruits - beauty. Conventionally, you can divide all Fohow products into two main areas: health products and beauty products. Health products include health food and wellness products, beauty products - functional textiles, personal care products and skin care products.

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Three principles of development

Athletes representing the Fohow brand

Sergej Masloboev - the famous Lithuanian athlete, world champion in fights without rules (K1) in the 95 kg category.

Guo Yu Hua - Eight-time world table tennis champion, China's most prominent professional table tennis player.

Shuklin Evgeny - a famous Lithuanian athlete, the silver medalist of the Olympic Games in London 2012 in kayaking and canoeing in the men's 200m singles (C1).

Tuchinov Timur - a well-known Russian athlete, the gold medalist of the London 2012 Paralympic Games in archery in the individual and team events, the champion and holder of the current world record.

"Fohow products help me support my health and successfully combat various diseases"


Fohow Meigui - "See toode peaks olema igal inimesel kodus kui seedimine korras, on tervis ja hea tuju garanteeritud. Soovitan kõigile."

Ulvi Jõesaar 

Bioenergy Massage + FREE Diagnostics

Massage accelerates healing, purifies the meridians, restores normal circulation of Qi and blood, raises body energy, restores Yn-Yang balance of organs. This technique is effective in the treatment of various diseases as well as in the prophylaxis of health promotion.

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